How does the Lease Purchase Payment Plan work

When a domain is purchased with a payment plan, it is transferred to your own account with the registrar Versio. The domain has a registrar lock until all payments have been made on the domain. Since we have a specific arrangement with Versio, when a payment is missed on the payment plan, the domain will stop until you make another payment.

Once all payments have been made, the domain will be unlocked. You will have full ownership of the domain and you may transfer the domain to a registry of your choice.

If monthly payments are missed for 3 consecutive months, you are in default. The domain will be returned to the previous owner and the sales contract will be null and void.

The interest or financing costs vary per payment plan.
You have full access to the domain and you own the domain when all payments are made.

Domains purchased with payment plans are not eligible for a refund.

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